Easy way
Up to 07/01/2007 release, all data files were available in project downloads area. Now, you can download latest ip.dat and cc.dat right here.

Hard way
Getting the data «hard way» means making the database yourself the way I would do it. So, where do you start? Below, available (free of charge) datasets are listed. While some tools under IP2CC project might allow you to use data from these datasets, it is your responsibility to comply with their terms of use.

Dataset Download Terms of use Updated How to convert See also
ASO Statistics º Multiple © Daily /php/tools/csv2dat.php bogons list
CompleteWhois Statistics Unspecified¹ Daily /php/tools/cwi2dat.php bogons list
CPAN IP-Country ² Perl License Once per year - project hub
MaxMind GeoLite Country Link back Monthly /php/tools/csv2dat.php project hub
OneVista IPnums GPL License Monthly /php/tools/csv2dat.php -
Pascal Scheffers' OpenTarget ³ BSD License Never since 2002 remove leading 8 bytes TCL/C codes
Software77 IP to Country GPL License Daily /php/tools/csv2dat.php project hub
WebHosting.Info IP to Country Link back Monthly /php/tools/csv2dat.php project hub

º You will need to download 5 latest files, one for each RIR;
¹ You should «feel free to use this data in your own research or applications»;
² These data files «have been given the .gif suffix to help some FTP clients properly cope with their binary contents»;
³ Converted OpenTarget database can be found in IP2CC 03/12/2006 release.

RIRs use ISO 3166-1 for country encoding. Additionally, APNIC uses AP «to allow for networks that operate across more than one country or economy», and RIPENCC uses EU for networks that are «really world wide». IP2CC provides /php/tools/iso2dat.php application to generate this list. Be aware that some datasets might still have old CS, FX, UK and YU codes; you might want to replace these codes with CZ, FR, GB and MK, respectively, or filter CS and YU data out.

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